We Scream for Ice Cream

Carrie takes her Ice Cream seriously!

Stratford has the best Ice Cream shops! CHECK them out!

JENN and Larry’s Ice Cream Shoppe has become an iconic summer destination for Stratford locals and tourists alike. The second you walk into the darling little shoppe on York Street you are treated like an old friend, and often greeted by the owner Jenn herself. The service is small town charm all the way and the ice cream speaks for itself. Famous for their Chocolate Malt Milkshakes and there is no end to the selection of soft serve toppings and dips.

Have you tried their chocolate soft serve dipped in peanut butter? We have, and it’s next level delish. It’s no wonder there is usually a line up, but it’s always worth the wait. 

Insider tip: If someone in your group has a dairy allergy, they stock a delicious line of sorbets that are dairy-free! 

Homemade waffle cones, freshly made frozen yogurt and dozens of hard ice cream flavours to choose from, Scoopers is definitely a hot spot in Stratford in the summer months. Listed as Justin Bieber’s favourite place to eat ice cream in Stratford, visit Scoopers located at 28 Erie St, Stratford. It’s the perfect spot to walk to with family and friends with lots of seating available out front of their store to enjoy your ice cream, buckets of chalk for the kids can draw on the sidewalk and a fresh cool water bowl for your pooches. They do doggie comes too!

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