MAUDE Makes us Swoon


We all desire it, and we all realize it in different ways. Tucking under a wool blanket in front of the fire. Going on a fast run. Taking in the smell of fresh-baked bread.

But for women, talking about how to achieve pleasure in the bedroom has been a taboo topic for too long. Now, female sexual wellness is having its moment – and we are here for it.

Women are realizing that self-care extends beyond taking a yoga class once a week. We need to set aside time for discovering and enjoying our own sexual pleasure, too. Which is where Maude comes in.

Maude focuses on wholistic intimacy experiences for women. Maude came to our attention when we heard that Dakota Johnson (remember Fifty Shades of Grey?) joined the company in 2020 as a creative director. The company is headed by Johnson and Éva Goicochea, women who, well, know what women want, what turns us on, and what we like to look at (goodbye giant magenta dildos that don’t reach our erogenous zones!).

Most women don’t achieve orgasm through conventional sex. But we also haven’t been given ‘permission’ to discover what gives us pleasure.

Now is the time. Become curious. Whether you’re just discovering your sexuality and femininity for the first time, or if you are in a long-term loving relationship, let Maude help you discover what brings you satisfaction.

Maude’s sexual wellness products aim to relax us and stimulate our senses: the massagers are silky soft to the touch.

The candles are hand-poured and emit a sexy auburn glow.

The massage oil is lightweight for a sensuous spread, and the packaging is sleek to satisfy our sophisticated aesthetics.

Maude offers a discreet, simple, and convenient way to fit sexual pleasure into any modern lifestyle.

Are you wondering how Maude and female sexual wellness fit in at Bradshaws? We were struck most by the mission of Maude: “a modern sexual wellness company built on quality, simplicity and inclusivity…on a mission to make intimacy better-for all people.” At Bradshaws, we also strive to provide high quality items that improve all aspects of your life at home – and now especially in your bedroom.

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