Cookies for Santa

At Bradshaws we are all about helping to make the holidays a little easier for you and we have a secret holiday baking weapon restocked! Our Perfect Pastry frozen doughs are ready for festive holiday baking. 

Tracey from Perfect Pastry has done all the hard work and prep making her absolutely delicious pastries and doughs and are available to purchase at Bradshaws from our freezer. Simply thaw, use your favourite festive cookie cutters and bake! Easy and YUM cookies for Santa. 

Currently stocked in the following frozen cookie doughs:

Gingerbread, Shortbread, Chocolate Pastry, Oatmeal

Also available to purchase is Perfect Pastry Puff Pastry and Shortcrust. Beautiful pastry to work with this holiday season. Puff Pastry straws are the easiest thing to MAKE and makes perfect hors d’oeuvres. Simply roll out the puff pastry, brush with butter and dust with your favourite seeds or seasoning and bake!

Impress your guest with our Perfect Pastry Wild Mushroom Tart Recipe on our BLOG:

Click Here

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