Carrie’s Thai Chicken Salad

Craving COLOUR. Healthy eating inspiration with Carrie's colourful Thai Chicken Salad!

Making restaurant worthy salads starts with the right TOOLS. Create perfectly consistent crunch with a few key kitchen tools everybody needs!

ONE of the HARDEST working tools in Carrie’s kitchen – The hand held Mandolin!

The Japanese Mandolin Benriner is perfect for both household an professional use. It has three interchangeable blades, and flexible thickness adjustment – from 0.3mm to 5mm.

Outstanding cutting performance!

TIP – meal prep by slicing a bunch at the beginning of the week – store in container with a damp paper towel or wrap in Abeego beeswax wrap and have gorgeous veggies to add to salads ALL WEEK. 

Consistent, perfectly julienned vegetables is the KEY to a GREAT SALAD!

Carrie's Thai Chicken Salad


leftover cold roasted chicken, chopped
1 scoop Okazu chili miso – available at Little Green Grocery
3 tbsp tahini
2 tbsp mayo or aioli
black sesame seeds (or furikake – which you can find at an Asian grocery store)
large hamdful chopped scallions and Asian cinnamon basil (available at Asian grocery store)
Combine all above ingredients in a bowl.

Serve on top of lightly dressed:
shredded multi coloured heirloom carrots  – available at Little Green Grocery or Farmer’s Market
thinly sliced watermelon radish
thinly sliced cucumber
good greens
top with extra basil or cilantro

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