Bradshaws Spring High Tea

We had another wonderful afternoon filled with beautiful moments with our guests at our annual Bradshaws Spring High Tea event at Revival House. 

Guests came from as far away as Toronto to enjoy a beautifully curated High Tea experience.   

Guest enjoyed a special selection of Sloane tea, gourmet finger sandwiches, fresh scones with cream and preserves,  and sweet treats all served on the elegant Miranda Kerr for Royal Albert bone china collection.

So many beautifully festive High Tea ensembles, but the winners of this year’s Best Dressed was this family group. These gorgeous little girls MADE their fascinators with their Grandma – and they even used peacock feathers from their OWN pet Peacocks! Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Beautiful live music by Rick Francis filled the space with a soft elegance. 

Thank You to all who attended this year’s annual Bradshaws Spring High Tea event and we look forward to seeing you again at our Holiday High Tea event Sunday November 24th

The amazing photographer Darien Funk captured this event beautifully and if you would like to view all the photos and to download photos you would like to keep – click HERE and use the password ‘revival’ and the download code 8834


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