Virgin Mady Maple Butter 150g – with Himalayan Salt


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Harvested in Canada’s most famous maple sugaring region with the highest organic standards at heart, Virgin Mady’s family of 100% pure maple products deliver a heavenly superior taste. Try them with your breakfasts, desserts, marinades and BBQ recipes.

In 1966, Lionel & Madeleine (MADY) began to produce maple syrup. Mady was interested in the transformation of the product and began to produce maple butter. She did the best maple butter in town; it did not take much time for her reputation to grow in our county. When Mady began to be ill, she gave all her little kitchen secrets to her son and his wife, André & Marielle.  In 2015, they invested over a half million dollars in a new sugar farm to assure a high production of Organic Maple Syrup.  Alexandre, a nephew of André, and Jean, a sugar master with over 30 years of experience, are their two sugaring experts.  In the process of this growth, Audrey (Marielle & André’s daughter) and Nicolas (Marielle & André’s son) showed interest in the development of the Organic Maple Products all around the world.  They are proud to be a third generation family business.

In order to concoct a product that is both distinctive and delicious the choice was simple: Virgin Mady would use Himalayan salt known for its many virtues and low sodium content. Clever!  This is how Virgin Mady came up with this delectable butter, offering a perfect balance between sweet and salty. Following Mady’s legacy of techniques, it takes 36 hours to make.  The result is divinely exquisite!

Hide it in your fridge and enjoy it by the spoonful! You can also add it to your desserts, chocolate treats, and fruits. Try it as a coating for salmon or fish… simply sublime.

Ingredients: Biologic maple syrup, Himalaya salt


Made in Quebec, Canada

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