Moss Berry Farm Apple Tamarind Chutney


Located in the heart of southern Ontario, Moss Berry Farm has been in the business of providing great tasting foods since 1972 when Joe, Brede and the clan arrived in the Stratford area after spending time in Africa and Asia. Originally a pick-your-own fruit and vegetable farm, the focus of the business changed as the farm passed to the next generation led by Ann Marie and her husband, Al Weber. Their mission is to use the best ingredients and carefully create products with flavours reminiscent of simpler times, distinguished by fresh tastes

Simply flavored, with the mellowing character of onions, this Apple Tamarind chutney from Moss Berry Farm also has just a hint of heat from jalapeno peppers. A perfect pairing with any kind of cheese – and of course inside a grilled cheese too.

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Ingredients: apples, sugar, onions, vinegar, jalapeno peppers, raisins, tamarind, ginger, mustard seeds, salt, spices

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