Luigi Bormioli Bartender Novecento Martini Glass – Set of 4


The vintage-inspired Bartender Novecento Martini Glass from Bormioli Rocco is perfect to serve famous vintage cocktails with a modern twist. The pulled stem and reduced rim thickness make this glass elegant and resistant. Let’s talk about elegance with a refine touch!

The stem, produced in a single piece with the cup of the stemglass, is heated processed and subjected to a particular traction which makes it elegant and resistant. The use of the laser beam in the edge cutting phase makes it linear and homogenous.  This model is very large and solid, yet elegant. The lines of the cup are delicately squared, the stem is slender and perfectly proportioned.

In stock

Set of 4

8 oz.

6″ H x 3.75″ Dia.

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