Le Creuset Cast Iron Heart Skillet


Enjoy all the benefits of a traditional Iron Handle Skillet, albeit in a distinctive heart shape. Le Creuset’s Heart Skillet is the perfect piece of cookware to prepare a dish for that special someone in your life, and even makes for a great gift. Le Creuset’s Skillets are particularly beloved for their unique ability to strike the perfect balance between a crispy gold crust exterior and soft and fluffy interior when baking cornbread, cookies, and other desserts.

Built with enameled cast iron, the Heart Skillet is extremely durable and offers superior heat retention. Its chip-resistant exterior enamel ensures your Heart Skillet can prepare romantic recipes for two for years to come.


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Servings:  1-2
Material:  Enameled Cast Iron
Heat Source:  Gas, Electric, Halogen, Ceramic, Induction, Oven, Broiler
Length:  30.9 cm
Width:  19 cm
Height:  4.1 cm
Country Of Origin: France
Colour:  Shell Pink

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