Doughmakers Great Grand Cookie Sheet


Doughmakers Gourmet Bakeware is recognized by bakers everywhere. The uncoated, textured surface produces superior baking results by allowing air to flow under your baked goods for even browning. The original Doughmakers pebbled surface provides an easy release without having to add a nonstick coating that would eventually wear off.

From Doughmakers, this Grand Cookie Sheet handles lots of cookies, a great number of biscuits. The turned-up edge provides better heat circulation; the Original Pebble Pattern finish ensures easy release each time. Created by moms and preferred by professionals, Doughmakers bakeware is constructed with straight sides for a tall rise, sturdy handles for transporting and rolled edges to prevent bending and warping. Endorsed by food experts like Fleischmann’s Yeast and Clabber Girl Baking Powder, they’re lighter and more durable than steel, guaranteed to never rust.

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Made with a heavy gauge, recyclable aluminum.
Patented, pebble pattern allows easy release.
14″ x 20.5″

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