Candlefolk Holiday Apothecary Matches


Candlefolk is a New York-based candle studio founded by Nathan Sage. Their soy-based candle line prides itself in having a thoughtful approach to the small batch process as well as having eco-friendly products.  Modern and simple with a hint of nostalgic charm, they are designed to compliment any style of home or lifestyle.

Red, green and white tip matches in an apothecary-inspired glass bottle with a cork top and a striker on the bottom.

In stock

Approximately 75 matches

Colors: Green, Red, and White
Bottle Dimensions: 3″ tall x 1.75″ wide / 50ml
Matchsticks: Approx. 2.0″ in length

DISCLAIMER:  Keep product away from children. Never leave flame unattended. Throw away match after flame is extinguished and cool to the touch.

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