Arva Flour Mill – Daisy Hard Flour


The Historic Arva Flour Mill, situated on the banks of Medway Creek in Arva Ontario (just north of London), has been in continuous operation for 203 yearsmaking the Mill Canada’s 6th oldest continuously operating business.  The Mill is believed to be the oldest operating water powered Flour Mill in this part of the world.

They mill a natural truly artisan flour with wheat from the same small nearby farms that supplied the Mill two centuries ago!  When you select Arva flour, you are receiving flour that has not been sitting on a shelf or in a warehouse for weeks or months.   They are a genuine small mill.

A popular London flour, the Daisy Brand is renown locally as the best artisan flour -perfect for baking biscuits, bread, cake, cookies, crepes, cupcakes, donuts, muffins, and scones.

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