Dripping with ESSENCE | Pandora’s newest collection

Pandora releases ESSENCE  – a new selection of jewelry that takes its cues from the free-flowing forms of nature. The simplicity and beauty of the organic shapes and sculptural contours are modern, elevated and timeless. I’m excited to walk you through some of my favourite items in this new collection which is in-store at Bradshaws NOW!

It’s hard to think of Pandora without fixating on their  beloved charm bracelet concept which shot this Danish company to fame in the early 2000’s… Sure, Pandora originally focused solely on the success of their charm bracelets, but over time has become a global jewelry behemoth and has introduced earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets to their product design assortment.
I often find that someone will compliment me on a piece of jewelry I might be wearing and ask me where it’s from.  When I share with them that it’s PANDORA, from Bradshaws,  they are very, VERY surprised… That’s why I thought now would be a good time to make you reintroduce  the Pandora brand to you, so you don’t look at is as solely a charm bracelet company. The  new Essence Collection will definitely make you rethink this brand!
Bradshaws co-owner Carrie shares what she is loving right now from the Pandora ESSENCE collection…

“Earrings are just such an easy way to pull an outfit together. I have a great collection of jewelry, but I always seem to come back to my gold hoops every time. They’re classic, timeless and really wearable. I’ve been getting lots of compliments on these organically v-shaped Pandora Essence hoop earrings. I am partial to 14k gold, but if you prefer silver, we have many silver options in-stock to tempt you!”

“I love wearing earring cuffs and mixing hoop sizes to create visual interest, so you’ll be inspired to create MANY unique layering looks with this great selection of  Pandora Essence hoops and cuffs.”

“When I feel like I want to draw a little more attention, I lean towards a fabulous drop earring. I love how Pandora’s treated freshwater cultured pearl Baroque drop earrings have a subtle sophistication but also a level of modernity. These are not your grandma’s pearl earrings… The design is very current and of course can be worn with any dressy outfit very easily… but, try wearing these with a pair of high waisted jeans, a classic white t-shirt and some ballet flats for a completely different vibe.”

“This organically shaped circle freshwater pearl pendant necklace is just such a stunning piece to wear with any plunging neckline like a v-neck shaped dress, tank top or buttondown shirt. I’m thinking ahead to fall /winter and how great this will look layered overtop a turtleneck or chunky sweater.”

“I love wearing bold gold rings, and the simplicity of these Essence stacking rings can vary dramatically depending on how many fingers you wear the rings on and how many you choose to stack on each finger.”

“Can’t decide which of these bangles is my favourite but you can absolutely never go wrong investing in a simply designed gold or silver bangle. It’s an item that I wear every day on repeat – dressy or casual. I know I will never tire of wearing something like this. I love the contours and rounded edges that feel good against your skin when you put it on. I’m weary of trendy items that will quickly go out of style or that I will get tired of. I much prefer to invest in simple classics and wear them in unique ways to make an outfit look more current.”

“Also a shout-out to the inspiring beauty Grece Ghamen @greceghanem  – Montreal’s incredibly stylish fashion icon who is just so fun to follow on Instagram to check out her adventures in fashion, her iconic silver French bob and unbelievably chiseled physique which for me, makes age 59 look like something to look forward to and strive for.  I happened to be checking out her feed recently and was pleasantly surprised to notice she’s dripping with the new Pandora Essence collection! A happy coincidence. I love the way she’s worked the line into her fashion forward yet classic and elegant wardrobe.”

Thanks for reading about our new selection of Pandora Essence! Stop into our store and visit our Pandora Shop-in-Shop Monday – Saturday 10-6, Sunday 11-5 to learn more about the collection and have a little try-on!

Have a great Weekend! xo… Carrie



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