Discover the Beauty of Skeppshult Cast Iron

Skeppshult has just arrived at Bradshaws and this stunning line of cast iron cookware and accessories is destined to become one of your new favourite new arrivals at our store!

Skeppshult has been producing exceptional heirloom cast iron cookware, handmade in Sweden since 1906. 

The company prides itself on delivering the finest quality gourmet products that bring the timeless tradition of cast iron cookware to your modern kitchen. Heirloom quality goods that last a lifetime.

Skeppshult cookware stands as a testament to quality and tradition in the culinary world. Its blend of durability, versatility, and sustainable practices makes it not just a tool for cooking, but a valuable addition to any kitchen, destined to enhance the cooking experience and the quality of meals.

Tradition meets elegance with Skeppshult’s Walnut Collection… Raw iron and precise metal blends are poured into unique sand molds in eco-friendly factories powered by wind and solar energy to produce each item. Every casting must meet Skeppshult’s exacting quality standards. Once cooled, the molds reveal cookware masterpieces…

Modern cast iron pieces are fitted with sturdy walnut wooden handles take this line to the next level of design that compliments its’ functionality.


Proper care is essential to maintain the quality and longevity of your cast iron cookware. By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your Skeppshult pan remains in excellent condition for years to come.

Use a scrub brush and warm water without any detergent while the pan is still hot.  After cleaning, ensure the pan is completely dry. A recommended method for drying is to heat the pan on medium heat on your stove top. This gentle heating helps to evaporate any remaining moisture, preventing the formation of rust and maintaining the pan’s pristine condition. Wipe down with a small amount of vegetable oil while the cast iron is still warm.

Avoid placing your Skeppshult pan in the dishwasher, as the harsh detergents and high temperatures can damage the seasoned surface or walnut handle.

Cast iron items with walnut handles should not be used inside an oven.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an enthusiastic home cook, elevate your cooking with Skeppshult.

Experience the unparalleled cooking performance of these cast iron pans, skillets, and dutch ovens. With superior heat retention and distribution, Skeppshult cookware ensures even cooking and mouthwatering results every time.

From searing steaks to baking bread, Skeppshult cast iron lets you unleash your culinary creativity.

Skeppshult cookware is ready to become part of your kitchen. 

Visit Bradshaws in-store or Shop Skeppshult Online to explore the collection

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