Cook the Book

We are launching an exciting and FUN series called Cook the Book – with our brand new collection of cook books that Carrie has selected to bring inspiration to us all in the kitchen! Join us and Cook the Book along with us and share your pics, comments on the recipes and tips in the kitchen to be ENTERED into a draw for $100 Gift Card to Bradshaws!! 

Carrie’s first Cook the Book – book selection is Modern Lunch by Allison Day. Carrie is a ‘bring your lunch to work’ girl and is always interested in creating a beautiful and NOURISHING lunch experience at her desk in her back office at Bradshaws and this book is FULL of beautiful recipes to make not only for lunch, but dinner and breakfast.

Making Lunch Modern and an experience in your day that sparks not only a bit of joy, but is nourishing! We have found so many amazing recipes in Allison’s book, like this Chicken Eggplant and Basil Wraps. Make it for dinner and pack the leftovers for a beautiful MODERN LUNCH.

a super delish recipe that is quick, hearty yet light! 

Looking for elevated lunch containers – durable designs that are leak proof, and microwaveable. We have everything you need to make your lunch MODERN and fabulous. 

Cook the Book with US! 

Pick up your copy of Allison Day’s Modern Lunch on line or in store and COOK it with us. We will be sharing our recipe tries on our instagram and BLOG – follow along and tag, post or comment about any of the recipes you make from this book and you will be entered to WIN a $100 gift card to Bradshaws. 

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