Wusthof Classic Colour Knives – Coral Peach


In over 200 years of history Wusthof has not succumbed to the temptation of manufacturing outside of their hometown in Solingen, Germany. There is a simple reason for this: they value the heritage and identity of a place known for centuries as “The City of Blades.” They believe that quality knives can only be made where high-precision production meets traditional craftsmanship.

Coral Peach is the energetic shade you can count on to give food prep a refreshing wake-up. Confident and fun, it’s ideal alongside peak-season fruits and beachside barbecues. This color is outgoing, warmhearted, and ready to make every slicing and dicing moment a small celebration.


Resilient synthetic handle
Rockwell hardness – 58HRC

Colour:  Coral Peach

Paring Knife –  Handle length – 3.543″
Blade length – 3.543″ / width – 0.787″
Good for small fruit and vegetables

Chef’s Knife – 8″ –  Handle length – 4.528″
Blade length – 7.874″ / width – 1.85″
Good for:  cabbage, fish, fruit, lettuce, herbs, meat, vegetables

Bread Knife – 9″ Double serrated
Handle length – 4.409″
Blade length – 9.055″ / width – 1.221″
Good for:  bread, bread roll, cabbage, lettuce, pies, cakes

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