Wrappr Wild Night


Wrappr’s mission is to eliminate one-time use of wrapping paper from the market. They plan to do this by providing a no-waste alternative. Fabric wrapping is seen as an art in Japan. While the western world may demand designs and patterns for western occasions, the ancient and traditional Japanese methods for wrapping furoshiki are still as relevant today as ever.

This Wrappr product is made out of recycled materials, it is organic and biodegradable. And they hope that you don’t throw it out, they hope that you reuse it. The artwork is curated by a team of graphic designers and is chosen based on its versatility for multiple occasions and celebrations. Wrappr hopes that it is part of your gift that continues to be passed on and reused.

Click here to learn how to wrap a wine bottle!

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Small wrap (50 cm. x 50 cm. 19.5 x 19.5 inches) featuring original artwork by Arty Guava. Perfect for wrapping gifts that are around the size of a tissue box.

100% organic cotton.
Machine washable.
Reusable product saves you money.
Eliminates waste produced by traditional one-time use wrapping paper.

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