Virgin Mady Smoking Chips


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Harvested in Canada’s most famous maple sugaring region with the highest organic standards at heart, Virgin Mady’s family of 100% pure maple products deliver a heavenly superior taste. Try them with your breakfasts, desserts, marinades and BBQ recipes.

In 1966, Lionel & Madeleine (MADY) began to produce maple syrup. Mady was interested in the transformation of the product and began to produce maple butter. She did the best maple butter in town; it did not take much time for her reputation to grow in our county. When Mady began to be ill, she gave all her little kitchen secrets to her son and his wife, André & Marielle.  In 2015, they invested over a half million dollars in a new sugar farm to assure a high production of Organic Maple Syrup.  Alexandre, a nephew of André, and Jean, a sugar master with over 30 years of experience, are their two sugaring experts.  In the process of this growth, Audrey (Marielle & André’s daughter) and Nicolas (Marielle & André’s son) showed interest in the development of the Organic Maple Products all around the world.  They are proud to be a third generation family business.

Virgin Mady is the only maple producer to offer smoking chips, not only infused once, but twice!

Sustainable development is a top priority for Virgin Mady, they want to give new life to the oak barrels they use to age their syrups. These saintly smoking chips are proof that they constantly strive to reinvent the rules. They’ll miraculously make your grilled dishes taste like they were prepared by a top chef. Naturally perfumed with whiskey, oak, and maple, they will enhance any meal.  And they’re also easy to use!

They receive nothing but praise! Virgin Mady’s smoking chips are produced using the Tennessee whiskey barrels they use to age their maple syrups. Infused with notes of maple and naturally imbibed with the aroma of whiskey and oak, these smoking chips will heighten all your grilled dishes and will surprise your guests. An ideal gift for grill masters! Available in a limited quantity.

You’ll quickly develop your own technique but, in the meantime, Mady recommends you soak them in water for 1 hour*. Then use a smoker box or wrap them in a perforated sheet of aluminum foil. Place them on the BBQ over indirect heat and let the smoke rise up to infuse what you’re grilling with their blissful essence. Practically anything can be smoked – the important thing is to have fun!

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