Urban Slicer Pizza Dough Neapolitan Style


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The Urban Slicer is just a guy. A guy who has been on BBQ Pitmasters, is a trusted brand ambassador and a World Food Championship chef. A guy who has been tirelessly bustin’ his hump for years to create the best possible pizzas and wants everyone to be able to do the same. He’s just a guy who’s graduated from the International School of Pizza and is a certified Pizzaiolo from Italy, Sicily and America.

Ultimately, he’s just a family guy named Matt who has created these products so that you can crank out world-class pizzas no matter where you are.

Click here for Urban Slicer pizza recipes!

An impeccable blend of flour and yeast for creating Italy’s most famous pizza.
Each package makes TWO 14″ Neapolitan Style crusts.
Net wt. = 13.4 oz (380g)
Just add water!

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