Umbra Bird Cafe


Invite wild birds to dine in style-and satisfy your taste for modern design-with this hip new spin on the traditional bird feeder.

The Bird Cafe bird feeder from Umbra features a cube-shaped architectural form with asymmetrical windows. When filled, seed is visible through the clear plastic windows and flows out of holes in the bottom into the wrap-around tray for birds to perch on and feast.

Bird Cafe’s roof features an overhang design, allowing rain to clear off so that the bird feeder stays dry no matter the weather.

Only 1 left in stock

Durable, molded plastic
Steel cable for hanging
Measures:  9″ wide (23cm) x 9″ (23cm) long x 8.5″ (23cm) high
Fill seed from top
Hand wash or wipe clean
Can hold approximately 68 oz (2L) of birdseed



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