The Garlic Box Garlicky Italian Seasoning


The Garlic Box family-run business grows, develops and manufactures premium foods made with Ontario grown garlic, processing more than 50,000lbs of fresh garlic per year. Innovative products elevate everyday cooking into star status healthy meals. Ontario garlic is prized for its superior health benefits and flavour.

Mix 1 Tbsp Garlicky Italian Seasoning with 3 Tbsp olive oil (for best results let stand for 1 to 4 hours) and brush on grilled vegetables. pizza, bruschetta, chicken and sea food. Toss into warm potato salad, brush on thickly sliced grilled onions, baked tomatoes or add to a penne salad with roasted peppers. Add grated lemon rind to Garlicky Italian Seasoning and mix with oil and vinegar for a chicken or fish marinade.

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Ingredients:  dehydrated garlic, garlic scapes, tomato flakes, oregano, parsley, basil, coarse sea salt


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