Staub Kid’s Tableware Set – Frog


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Most of us heard the phrase “don’t play with your food” when we grew up. While it is true that food should not be wasted or spoilt, there is nothing wrong with having fun while eating.

Plates in the shape of a frog’s head make it an obvious choice to arrange food in a smiley pattern.

The set consists of a plate, two bowls and a mug with two handles, making it easier for a child to lift it and less likely to spill. The components can be used together for a full meal with starter, main course and dessert – casually teaching kids dining etiquette along the way. Or they can be used individually for snacks, or to keep different food items apart if the child is in that phase where food should not touch each other.

Four-piece set

Consists of: 1 plate 18 cm, 1 oval plate 14 cm, 1 bowl 11 cm, 1 mug 6 cm

High-quality ceramic

Pink enamel coating

Microwave and dishwasher safe

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