Sophie Conran Cutlery Set – Floret


Designed for both everyday use and special occasions, this beautiful cutlery is a perfect addition to any kitchen.

Made from stainless steel, this set is designed to feel great in your hand and balance perfectly.

The set includes 20 Pieces: 4 Table Knives, 4 Table Forks, 4 Dessert Spoons and 4 Teaspoons, and 4 Salad Forks.

In stock

20 piece set includes:
4 Table Knives
4 Table Forks
4 Dessert Spoons
4 Teaspoons
4 Salad Forks

Weight: 2089g
Material: Stainless steel
Care: Suitable for both dishwasher & handwashing, use only stainless steel cleaner to polish


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