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Promotes: Routines, Relaxation, Self-Care

Meet Sloth, a comforting creature dedicated to helping children embrace and establish routines. Sloth encourages consistency and structure, fostering a sense of security in little ones. Each story in Sloth’s collection imparts essential lessons on the importance of daily routines and self-care.

Included in the set are:

  • Sloth’s Daily Plan” Board Book: This story  instills positive core beliefs about the importance of routines, helping children understand how structure and plans can help them learn to take care of themselves as they grow.

  • Sloth Starts to Slumber” Board Book:This story teachesemotional skills for creating a calming nighttime routine, supporting children in winding down effectively to support a restful night’s sleep.

  • Sloth Kin: A cuddly companion that reinforces the routines discussed in the books, providing children with a tangible reminder of the stability and comfort that routines can offer.

Sloth is great for:

  • Encouraging the development of daily routines.

  • Enhancing time management and self-care habits.

  • Promoting better sleep through structured nighttime rituals.

  • Ideal for gifts that support developmental milestones like starting school or moving to a new home.

  • Perfect for Baby Showers, Birthdays, or Holiday gifts for children of all ages!

Together, this set uses foundational messages kids need to hear and examples of how to apply them in their own lives to help children build structure and routines. The Sloth Kin set is more than just a toy—it’s an educational tool that empowers little ones to understand their emotions and gain coping skills that can grow with them throughout their life. 

Simple tools for a lifetime of benefits.

  • Machine washable, air dry
  • Intentionally designed without detachable plastic pieces to give caretakers peace of mind
  • Kins measure 6″ W x 14″ L
  • Soft and silky fur, perfect for smooshy hugs
  • 2 Board Books (measures 5″ W x 7″ L) featuring affirmations in the back of the books for daily practice
  • Stuffed with hypoallergenic fiberfill
  • 100% Polyester material
Slumberkins is an emotional learning brand on a mission to empower children to be caring, confident, and resilient.

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