Scottish Spring Waters for Whisky


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Did you know that experts recommend the addition of a few drops of water from the source to open up and appreciate the flavours of single malt scotch whisky?  Try Uisge Source Water of Scotland.  (Uisge is pronounced ‘oosh’guh’ and is Scottish Gaelic for water.)
Even the smallest amount of Uisge Source will unlock many new flavours.  Discover your own personal preference by adding a few drops at a time and tasting until you get to your ideal dilution.  Uisge Source waters should be served at room temperature.

This package of three waters will soften the alcohol prickle, reveal hidden flavours and protect the character of the spirit:
1.  Speyside – soft water, low in minerals, filtered through granite
2.  Islay – higher natural acidity, filtered through peat
3.  Highland – hard water, high in minerals, filtered through limestone and sandstone

Package contains 3 bottles of 100ml each

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