Pure Charcuterie – The Craft and Poetry of Curing Meats at Home


Cured meat products arose from the need for preservation, in a time when cooking and refrigeration were not always available. Today, charcuterie is an embodiment of art in the kitchen, combining precision, balance, patience, and creativity; an economy of ingredients, as poetry is an economy of words. The confluence of these elements, along with the purest of ingredients, can enable anyone to craft cured meats in their home.

Pure Charcuterie is a practical and artistic look at the techniques for curing meat at home both as a creative hands-on craft and as a fantastic and sustainable way to preserve highly valuable food. This accessible, beautiful, visual guide walks the reader through the process of making charcuterie, including:
sourcing ingredients
clear explanations of charcuterie technique
creative recipes balancing tradition and invention
smoking meats and building your own smoker

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by Meredith Leigh
131 Pages
Soft cover

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