Picnic Time Canasta Grande Picnic Basket


The text message comes at 10-ish in the morning: “How ’bout a hike and a picnic?” By 10:30-ish, you’ve splashed water on your face, combed your hair, fed the dog, and thrown food and drinks into your Canasta Grande Wicker Basket, a picnic basket that is perfect on-the-go.

The Canasta Grande is easy and elegant, with plenty of room for your impromptu picnic fare. Its’ fully-removable, customizable flat lid doubles as a surface for plates and drinks. Inside, a removable polyester/cotton lining absorbs any mess and is easy to clean. The Canasta Grande’s woven willow body sports a pleasant two-strand basket weave that’s easy on the eyes.

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1 Willow Basket: 18.9″ L X 13.8″ W X 11″ H (Base: 16.5″ L X 11.4″ W)
1 Removable Lid: 19″ L X 14″ W X 11″ H
2 PVC Leatherette “Hinges”
1 Removable Poly/Cotton Liner with Tie Straps
Beige Canvas with Brown Lid

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