Peugeot L’Arbre Manual Coffee Mill


The Peugeot L’Arbre Manual Coffee Mill is a modern and compact coffee grinder with 11 grind settings.

Easy to adjust patented u’Select system, that can be set for different brewing methods. From fancy cappuccino, espressos, filter coffee, or cold brew, select the appropriate grind setting in a single easy motion.

The superb design and quality of the steel burr mechanism with the lifetime guarantee, and the stylish design of the handle, make L’Arbre a Cafe as attractive as it is efficient.

Take coffee making to the next level of perfection.

In stock

Even reproducible grinding

The crank handle makes it easy to grind

Simple, easy and handy to use

11 grind settings available (from fine for espresso to very coarse for cold brew)

A reservoir that holds up to 35g of coffee, enough to brew 0.5 liters (2 cups)

Dishwasher safe glass container with measurement markings

Packaging includes 1 gear cleaning brush and 1 measuring spoon

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