Le Creuset Round Trivet


Le Creuset combines the heritage of European craftsmanship, the performance of brilliant design and the passion of cooking in their exceptional collections. In 1925, Le Creuset was born and set up in Frensoy-le-Grand, northern France. All Le Creuset enameled cast iron products continue to be produced in the same foundry of France to this day!

Built with enameled cast iron, the Le Creuset Deluxe Round Trivet absorbs heat from pots, pans, and other cookware and bakeware. They are built to last, protecting your table linens, wooden surfaces, and marble countertops for years to come.

Material:  Enameled Cast Iron or Silicone
Diameter:  22.3 cm
Length:  22.3 cm
Width:  22.3 cm
Height:  3 cm
Made in France
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Choose your colour and material

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