Le Creuset Braiser – 3.5L

Le Creuset combines the heritage of European craftsmanship, the performance of brilliant design and the passion of cooking in their exceptional collections.   In 1925, Le Creuset was born and set up in Frensoy-le-Grand, northern France.  All Le Creuset enameled cast iron products continue to be produced in the same foundry of France to this day!

Braising involves first searing meat and vegetables at an elevated temperature and then finishing slowly, covered, creating natural gravy. With its shallow base and domed lid, the Le Creuset Braiser is perfect for this type of cooking.

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Cast iron distributes heat slowly and evenly over the entire vessel, making it ideal for all forms of cooking, whether slow-cooking, roasting, searing, stir-frying or baking.

Suitable for all heat sources including induction
Dishwasher safe

Capacity:  3.5 Litre
30 cm wide x 40.2 cm long x 13.5 cm high

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