Gourmet Inspirations Garlic Lovers Seasoning


Peter’s Fehr’s culinary roots found their grounding  on his family farm in southern Manitoba where days were spent immersed in the garden, handling fresh, hearty ingredients, and naturally in the kitchen cooking for family and friends. Each sauce has been carefully tested and crafted by him using wholesome Canadian ingredients – always local where possible – and free of preservatives. 

Gourmet Inspirations are here to help home cooks who are bored of the same old, discover new spices and sauces to create tantalizing meals and feel like chefs in their own kitchens!

All you really need to know is if you like garlic (without the lasting smell!) and the way it makes almost everything taste so much better, you are a Garlic Lover and this seasoning is just for you!

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90 g

Ingredients: Sea salt, garlic flakes/powder, onion flakes, herbs/spices.

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