Glasshouse Fragrances Scent Scene Duo


An innovative (and incredibly potent) liquidless diffuser. This set features two scents, one evoking the Mediterranean sea and the other, Japan in spring.

Lost in Amalfi: Awaken to the fragrance of freesia, lavender and lime, enlivened and relaxed siesta satisfied.  Still with some of the sun and salt spray from before, and ready for more.  Find yourself where the days sparkle like the sea and another Limoncello.

Kyoto in Bloom: Arresting and spirited, Kyoto in Bloom layers evocative aromas of amber, camellia, and lotus with a hint of pineapple. An inspired aromatic floral accord. A poetic signature fragrance.

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The Scent Scene Duo includes two individually packaged Scent Stem fragrances: Kyoto in Bloom Camellia & Lotus and Lost in Amalfi Sea Mist. To use place your Scent Stems of choice into the metal vessel, ensuring it’s placed on a flat surface away from open windows or vents. After 30 days, or a time of your choosing, swap out the Scent Stems for the other supplied fragrance.

Replacement Scent Stems are sold separately, with seven fragrances to choose from.  We suggest replacing your Scent Stems every 30 days to refresh your fragrance or to increase their strength. After 30 days the Scent Stem can be placed in recycling with other paper products.