Final Touch Double Walled Moscow Mule Mug


Many cocktails call for a specific type of glass just like a martini needs a martini glass. The Moscow Mule Mug made popular in 1950’s is a must for the historic Moscow Mule cocktail.

Serve up some classic Moscow Mules in this one of a kind double-walled mug. Say goodbye to table rings… the double wall construction prevensts condensation from forming on the outside of the mug AND will also keep your beverage colder, longer. This sleek design is copper plated and made from commercial grade 304 stainless steel.

How to make a Moscow Mule:

Add ice cubes to Moscow Mule Mug & pour vodka over ice. Add fresh or non-concentrated lime juice & ginger beer. Stir ingredients together, garnish with lime & mint.


2oz vodka
6oz ginger beer
1/2oz lime juice
1 sprig of mint
1 lime slice



In stock

Double-wall insulation keeps condensation from forming on outside of the moscow mule
Commercial grade 304 stainless steel with copper-plated exterior
5.3″ W x 3.9″ D x 4.5″ H (13.5cm W x 10cm D x 11.6cm H)
16oz (473ml) capacity

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