Escuminac Pure Organic Maple Syrup

Since 1998 l’Escuminac has produced a high-end, pure organic maple syrup that has won many awards.  Harvested from the Canadian boreal forest and traceable from the tree directly to the plate, it is distinguished by its refined taste.  Escuminac Maple Syrup comes from their own family maple farm and is single origin.  The uniqueness of the soils make the flavours in their syrup superior, so single forest, unblended maple syrup was a natural choice. This makes for a syrup of a higher quality.

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Late Harvest:  Original Escuminac syrup is a dark syrup produced at the end of the harvest. Intensely dark, it is purely delicious. With its suggestion of rye, caramel and roasted sugar, it is perfect for your recipes; use it in simmered dishes, pastries or to spice up your salad dressings.  The later the harvest, the darker the syrup; it also becomes less complex, and has a more pronounced caramel flavor.

Great Harvest:  Escuminac main harvest syrup is the most popular in our range because it is readily available but also because of its complex and mild mouthfeel. This Canada Grade A maple syrup is both extra fine and richly flavored. Its aromatic profile brings to mind warm, buttered brown sugar, date purée, English toffee and green anise with a subtle hint of curry. Flavorful, it is full-bodied, rounded, textured, distinct and syrupy, but not overwhelming, and has a very long finish. A grand cru!

Extra Rare:  Escuminac amber, a richly-flavored syrup, is produced in very small quantities, making it rare. Golden in color with bright highlights, it is the finest in the Escuminac range of products. Produced exclusively with sap harvested during the first days of the sap run, rare Escuminac amber is an exceptional syrup with a smooth, velvety texture. It is light in the mouth, featuring a subtle caramel and honeysuckle bouquet with a hint of cinnamon and a lingering flavor.

Available in 3 sizes:  50ml, 200 ml, and 500 ml

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