Dean Davidson Trinity Hoop Earrings


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The Dean Davidson Collection is developed in Jaipur, India in a traditional family owned artisan workshop where both father and grandfather are master gem cutters. Spanning over three generations, the family’s craftsmanship is unmatched as the grandfather is known for making custom jewelry pieces for India’s royal family.

Dean Davidson’s unique signature brushed finish gives a timeless and luxurious quality to his designs.

Clean lines and smooth arcs exhibit the fine metal craft of the Trinity Hoops. Three hoops gracefully fan out from a solitary point, exposing the spiritual continuity of its airy design, only to return again to singular junction at the back. A modern and clever take on the classic wardrobe staple, these hoops are a must-have this season and a favourite among celebrity clientele.

22KT Gold over brass
Rhodium over brass
Semi-Precious Gemstones 
Diameter: 2.5″ / 6.35cm

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