Casafina Pacifica Canister with Oak Lid


In search of suppliers, Donna and Samuel Smith, the founders of the brand Casafina, traveled hundreds of times to Italy and Portugal, both countries famous for their heritage in ceramic craftsmanship. They visited local potters and factories and, as they watched skilled artisans finish and paint each piece by hand, they were inspired to create a unique assortment of authentic and charming pieces that defines CASAFINA lifestyle until today.

Meet the new dinnerware collection for modern day life, Pacifica. As an alternative of a more traditional, lustrous look, the collection showcases a matte finish that works as well for everyday meals as it does for weekend casual gatherings.

All stoneware is hand-finished. Any irregularities, color variations or small imperfections should be considered as unique marks of authenticity.
Sustainable production using local resources and environmentally friendly facilities
Material: Stoneware, oak wood, leather
Made in Portugal
Small:  12.3cm x 11.5cm High
Medium:  14.9cm x 14.0cm high
Large:  19.8cm x 16.8cm high

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