Alessi Pulcina Espresso Coffee Maker


Alessi brings you a revolutionary and modern espresso machine that combines the coffee-perfecting technology developed by illycaffè and the design experience of Alessi.

Designed by architectural visionary Michele de Lucchi, the Pulcina Espresso Coffee Maker encapsulates a small but substantial design innovation that stops dispensing the drink at the right time before the coffee gets a bitter aftertaste. This helps to enhance the full and rich aroma of your espresso. The spout, which recalls a chick’s beak (hence the name of the coffee maker – “pulcina” = “chick”) allows it to perfectly stop the drop.

Aluminum casting

Handle and knob in PA

Capacity:  1 ( 2.4 fl. oz.) / 3 (5.1 fl. zo)  / 6 cup (10.1 fl. oz)

Height:  6.5″ / 7.88″ / 10.24″

Length:  4.92″ / 5.99″ / 7.88″

Width:  2.84″ / 3.62″ / 4.73″


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