New York Puzzle Company New Yorker Advent Calendar


Founded in 2007 by two college pals, New York Puzzle Company started with a simple idea of making a puzzle of the iconic NYC subway map. They always thought that puzzles should be more than just a fun activity to do at home – puzzles should be works of interesting art. Part fun activity and part home décor, rather than throw them away when finished, they should be kept on display.

Let the countdown to Christmas begin with the New Yorker Advent Calendar ’21! This 13″ × 13.75″ outer box comes filled with 24 individually boxed 7″ × 9″ 100 piece MINI Puzzles. It’s the perfect gift for any puzzle lover who can’t wait for Christmas!

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The New Yorker Advent Calendar ’21 includes:

Sidewalk Spruce, Deck the Mantle, Xmas Stories, Yuletide Parade, Season’s Greetings, Children’s Mass, Hallway Carrols, Information Angel, Gathering Greetings, Children’s Choir, Santa Puzzle, Reindeer Forest, Penthouse Party, Generational Divide, City Advent Windows, Little Angels, Santas on the Subway, Holiday Trimmings, Trying Toys, Apparition, Santa’s Elves, Green Christmas, Three Kings and Christmas Morning.


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