We’re bursting with excitement now that Spring is finally here!

Guest blog post written by Helena Turpin of Floraphilia Co.
Photos by Abby Campbell
Nothing signals Spring like that first March thaw; snowdrops sleepily popping out of the ground and autumn-planted bulbs waking from their long winter hibernation. When Bradshaws approached us about putting together a few arrangements for their Spring photoshoot, we jumped at the chance, choosing our favorite seasonal bulbs to complement a favorite few of their gorgeous vases.
First up was the trio of LSA International bud vases. The whimsical shape of these vases lends itself perfectly to delicate, curvy spring bulbs like Fritillaria Meleagris, Bridal Crown Narcissus, and the showstopping Mysterious Parrot Tulip. We kept these arrangements simple, accenting the blooms with a stem or two of flowering viburnum to provide contrast and textural interest.
The mid-sized LSA International stacking vase in the colorway Smoke was the perfect size and color to display a handful of Flowering Viburnum; it’s delicate pearlescent buds contrasting beautifully with the darker, modern glass vessel. Statuesque White Delphinium adds height and a suggestion of curves to soften the arrangement.
The LSA International Pleat Vase in the Amber colorway is truly a statement piece. While it would look lovely with a simple display of lush greenery or even a handful of flowering branches, we chose to highlight its stunning color with the spectacular Mysterious Parrot Tulips. The white-edged, violet petals contrast beautifully with the vessel as they spill out every which way. Height comes in the form of European Beech branches, the buds another reminder that Spring is truly on its way.

Thank you Helena for getting us so excited for spring florals. We were so happy with all of your gorgeous arrangements! We hope you will guest-blog for us again soon.

 – Carrie

About Floraphilia Co.

Helena Turpin is a floral freelancer and designer specializing in bespoke feminine florals and small scale events.She and her husband are currently living in Stratford raising their three small children.

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