Sustainable Living

We have adopted the philosophy that small sustainable changes can have a great impact and we are swapping grocery store plastic bags for our NEW LINE of reusable organic cotton produce, bulk and grocery bags. Plastic bags don’t biodegrade and live in landfills forever! Imagine if we made this one small change, how positive could that be for our planet. 

Introducing our new line of Credo Bags – Credo Bags is a Canadian company based in Montreal and their goal is to inspire people to make small, simple changes in their everyday habits; changes that collectively and cumulatively help our environment. These produce and bulk bags are 100% organic cotton and mesh. 

Available in a variety of sizes perfect for all your produce and bulk needs. 

Organic cotton bulk, produce and grocery bags – now at Bradshaws! Ditch the plastic and go GREEN. 

We test drove our new reusable grocery, produce and bulk bags at downtown Stratford’s independent Little Green Grocery, at 129 Downie St. 

It’s a plastic bag free space and we took our own Credo Bags and FILLED up on all things FRESH!

The large cotton mesh bags are perfect for carrots, potatoes or apples. 

The medium sized bags are perfect for asparagus, a head of lettuce or zucchini

At The Little Green Grocery they have a beautiful bulk section. We used our 100% cotton bulk bags for things like dry beans, nuts, and nutritional yeast. And our ‘Market Bag’ carried it all!

Our new ‘Market Bag’ is our go-to for trips to the Grocery and Farmer’s Market. Gorgeously designed AND comfortable to carry all the fresh bounty. 

Some of our favourite finds from The Little Green Grocery!

Bowl Covers

More ways we are ditching plastics – we are saying goodbye to plastic cling wrap and hello to our reusable cotton bowl covers!

Shop our cotton reusable food covers HERE

Other ways we are ditching plastic in our everyday is with our line of  amazing all natural beeswax wraps from Abeego.  Abeego picks up where the peel leaves off, protecting food and letting it breath, just like it does in nature. So toss the plastic wrap and baggies for good! The result is fresher food, naturally!

To keep your Abeego wraps fresh – wash with COLD water, a little eco-friendly dish soap and a gentle cloth. 

Stay tuned MORE sustainable living product features coming soon!

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