ZWILLING Poultry Shear

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The ZWILLING poultry shears stand out thanks to their high-quality, stainless steel blades and rugged handle. These scissors are not only great for cutting chicken, but also duck, goose and turkey. The extremely sharp and durable blades provide the basis for executing straight, clean cuts as well as deep cuts right to the bone. The scissors fit well into your hand thanks to their plastic handles, making them easier to use.   Skin, tendons and bones are easily severed with a strong crushing motion.

As a result, the ZWILLING Poultry Shears are also in demand  by chefs as a real professional kitchen gadget.

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Stainless special formula steel guarantees durable products.

The bone breaker separates bones, wings and joints cleanly and effortlessly

Fibre-glass reinforced plastic handles are shatter-proof and comfortable to use

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