Verve Moroccan Beldi Ceramic Cups


Today, Verve is a women-run business spanning three generational groups that are committed to offering an inside view of how certain tools and tastes can create memorable experiences with friends and family. Beautiful, purposeful, authentic and respectful of the people who make the items, is at the heart of their philosophy. They believe that exposure to new cultures and experiences brings joy.

In Morocco, the word beldi gets tossed around effortlessly and endlessly.  Beldi means traditional, local, and artisan-made.

Glazed in red, white, blue or teal, the lacquer and clay material insulate both hot and cold contents equally well. Perfect for mint tea, cocktails, or even water, beldi cups add a rustic touch to dinner parties and garden soirees. Plus, a glass of wine in a beldi cup? Instant Incognito Mode.

Available in two sizes:

Small Cup: 4″ tall / 2″ base diameter / 3″ top diameter / capacity: 8 fl oz

Large Cup: 5″ tall / 2.25″ base diameter / 3.5″ top diameter / capacity: 10 fl oz

***Please Note: variations may occur due to hand-made nature of artisan work.

Care:  Hand wash is recommended due to the porous nature of the terracotta. It is normal to see fine feathering cracks in the glaze.

Choose your colour and size

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