The New New Age Lion Power Potion Supplement


The New New Age was founded by Katie and Stephen Hotchkiss in 2012 in Los Angeles, California as a Public Benefit Corporation with a core purpose of serving both human and environmental health.  In 2014 the company moved to Stephen’s family farm in rural southwestern Ontario, Canada to better serve the company’s intersectional core purpose by growing healing herbs in an ecologically regenerative manner.

Their products are formulated by co-owner and Druid herbalist Stephen Hotchkiss with an emphasis on traditional ethnobotanical applications from across time and place that celebrate the transformative spiritual potency of plant medicine as a means of reconnection to nature.

Used by Buddhist monks for millennia as a tea before meditation to enhance focus and concentration. Lions Mane is now being studied by western scientists and is showing promising results that indicate it may be effective in improving and maintaining cognitive health, reducing anxiety and depression, regenerating neurons and also providing anti-inflammatory and immuno-protective contributions.  Maca, a major component of this blend, is renowned for hormonal balancing as well as an aphrodisiac, energy, stamina, memory and mood booster.


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All ingredients are either organic, permaculturally grown, or ethically wild crafted.
This convenient powder form can be added to smoothies, hot water, tea, coffee & food. Try adding some coconut oil, ghee or cream to your mixture and taste the magic! (approx 1 tsp per cup)
Ingredients:  maca, lion’s mane mushroom, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom
Capacity:  85g
Made in Port Stanley, Ontario



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