Swissmar Lugano Metallic Black Fondue Set


The traditional style Lugano cheese fondue set by Swissmar includes a metallic black cast iron fondue pot, a black wrought iron fondue rechaud, 6 cheese fondue forks, and a dual function burner. The fondue pot is enameled on the inside, provides even heat distribution, has a capacity of 2 liter / 2 quarts, and can be used on all heat sources.

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Set includes: cast iron pot with enameled inside for easy cleaning; wrought iron rechaud with tray; fondue burner; six 3-prong fondue forks with sturdy faux-wood handles; fondue pot
Pot capacity: 2L/2QT
Cast Iron Pot provides even heat distribution with no hot spots
Ideal for cooking at both high and low temps
Can be used on all heat sources

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