Silver & Green Olives – Rosemary Garlic


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At Silver & Green they create all their marinated olives using the Greek olive varieties Kalamata and Halkidiki. Ever since their launch they have worked hard to get as close to the farmers as possible to ensure that our olives are produced responsibly and respectfully.

The olives arrive in drums direct from their partners in Greece, Spain, Italy and North Africa where they then take special care of them. To make them taste great, the olives are  desalinated by soaking them in crisp Lake District water.  The olives have been prepared using wholesome and traditional Mediterranean methods.  The olives are fermented using a slower, more traditional process than others (not pasturized) and because of this, the lactic acid bacteria formed during the pickling and some of the yeast in the fruit, can hand around an form a little bubble or white clouding in the pack.  It’s natural, healthy and won’t affect the enjoyment of your olives!

Product of the UK.

Rosemary Garlic mixed whole olives. These whole Halkidiki & Kalamata olives are marinated in sunflower oil with fresh rosemary and garlic. One of our most popular olives; perfect as an aperitif or on a cheeseboard or charcuterie platter.

Ingredients: Whole Green Olives (51%), Whole Kalamata Olives (25%), Sunflower Oil (23%), Rosemary (1%), Garlic Powder (<1%), Salt, Ascorbic Acid

These olives come with a minimum 6 month shelf life.  Once opened, needs to be refrigerated.