Regency Roasting Bags


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The Regency Roasting Bags allow the natural flavours and juices to circulate through the food during the cooking process, resulting in moist, savoury dishes every time.
No basting needed – that means lower fat!
Juice stays in so less shrinking occurs!
Heat is distributed so food cooks evenly!

Just place the bag in the roasting pan and fill with seasoned meat and / or vegetables.
Make 4 – 6 small slits on the top side of the bag for venting
Close with special tie provided, leaving plenty of air inside to assist browning
Place baking dish in the centre of the oven and cook as directed by recipe
Great for microwave cooking, too!
Holds turkey size up to 24 pounds
Contains: 2 bags 20″ x 24″ with ties

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