Pokoloko Theo Socks


Bring on the boots with these Theo Socks in the deepest days of winter, or wear them when you refuse to have cold feet. This is an ultra thick, stretchy, non-itchy, breathable sock – Pokoloko  affectionately calls it the ‘mega’ sock.

They traveled South to find the best socks the world has to offer. Then partnered with local Peruvian farmers and makers and created a series of custom-made, premium socks for all ages.


42% alpaca, 32% acrylic, 18% nylon, 3% lycra, 5% spandex

Washed in aloe vera and jojoba to soothe the feet and prevent sweating, odour, and bacteria

Small – Women 5 to 7 / Men 4 to 6.5
Medium – Women 7.5 to 9 / Men 7 to 8.5
Large – Women 9.5 to 10.5 / Men 9 to 11.5
Xtra-Large – Women 11 to 12 / Men 12 to 14



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