Maison Berger Bouquet Refill – Fresh Eucalyptus


This reinterpretation of the classic Maison Berger Fresh Eucalyptus home fragrance is a sure favorite!

Imbue your home with the thrill of a rushing stream, the majesty of a thunderous waterfall. The green, citrus top notes of the Fresh Eucalyptus reed diffuser fragrance are bold, dynamic, and effervescent. The fresh character of the eucalyptus heart is heightened as lavender and a few marine notes join the aromatic story. This invigorating and luminous composition finishes on an enveloping base of moss and wood. Cultivate an energizing atmosphere in any room as this mentholated ode to lush, verdant nature awakens a sense of vitality and possibility.

Use with any Maison Berger reed diffuser to enliven your space

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Difusion time:  + / – 8 weeks

Scent:  Fresh Eucalyptus

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