Le Creuset Round French Oven – 3.3L


Le Creuset combines the heritage of European craftsmanship, the performance of brilliant design and the passion of cooking in their exceptional collections.   In 1925, Le Creuset was born and set up in Frensoy-le-Grand, northern France.  All Le Creuset enameled cast iron products continue to be produced in the same foundry of France to this day!

The Round Dutch Oven is among the most versatile pieces of cookware and can be used for a number of cooking techniques, including slow cooking, simmering, braising and searing. Its rounded shape perfectly matches the burner size, exposing ingredients to a consistent heat source.

The Dutch Oven is perfectly designed for slowly simmering soups and stews and is even versatile enough to be used for baking. This iconic piece of cookware locks in heat and flavour with its tight-fitting lid, continuously basting ingredients as they slow cook.

Knob Style:  Medium Black Phenolic Knob
Servings:  2-3
Material:  Enamelled Cast Iron
Capacity:  3.3 L
Heat Source:  Gas, Electric, Halogen, Ceramic, Induction, Oven, Broiler
Diameter:  22 cm
Length:  30 cm
Width:  23.3 cm
Height:  15.2 cm
Country Of Origin:  France
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