Fatboy Bolleke Portable Silicone Lights


The Fatboy Bolleke is a modern and unique way to add uniform light in any space, both indoors and out. Choose from one of 3 settings using the soft rubber silicone buttons that are integrated into the design. Re-charge easily after use by using a simple USB charging cord. Suspend your Fatboy Bolleke from any hook, branch or post using its’ colourful silicone loop.  Works great to illuminate the space under an outdoor patio umbrella, hung from a tree branch, any hook, outdoors camping or while you walk to your cottage dock at dusk… the possibilities are endless!

Bolleke is a creation from Nathalie Schellekens.  The loop she was inspired by hair elastics and sailing systems.  The name comes from the round ball shape Bolleke in Dutch.

Read more about Fatboy Bolleke in our BLOG.

Dimensions:  8″ / 20cm diameter
Duration:  Setting 1: (most dim):  24 hours
Setting 2:  15 hours
Setting 3: (brightest):  6 hours
Use only with the electric charger supplied
Wipe clean with a moist cloth or water and soap.  Do not use cleaning agents.
Features:  3 settings
Indoor and Outdoor
Please charge battery fully prior to first use (damage is risked if not fully charged initially)